• Personal Life Insurance Protection

If you want to ensure that you and your family are protected, should the unexpected happen, then you came to the right place.

We have a range of affordable and comprehensive products available and a 5* claims handling service, so that if you ever have to make a claim, you can trust that everything will taken care of.

We offer the following Personal Life Insurance Protection Insurance:

Level Term Life Assurance – Term Insurance is designed to provide a fixed amount of life insurance for a fixed term of years. The premiums are determined at outset and are usually guaranteed for the full term of the policy, provided premiums are paid when due.

Decreasing Mortgage Protection – Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to repay the outstanding balance of a repayment mortgage in the event of a claim. A repayment mortgage is a mortgage loan where each month the interest due and some capital is repaid. During the early years relatively little of the loan is repaid each month with larger amounts repaid later in the term.

Income Protection Insurance – Is designed to replace lost income during periods of incapacity. Statistically customers are much more likely to suffer a serious illness that prevents them from working than they are to die before they retire. Income Protection is therefore possibly likely to be of greater use to them than death insurance.

Health Insurance – Gives you the peace of mind that, should you need it, you’ll enjoy fast access to high-quality in-patient and day-patient diagnosis and treatment, meaning that you can return to health and work more quickly.

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